Report on Visit to Aravali Biodiversity Park  

Ahlcon International School was invited by WWF and Ministry of Environment Education to visit Aravali Biodiversity Park for a Nature Camping Programme of 2 days &1 night on 18th and 19th March 2014, where 32 students of class VII and VIII along with 2 teachers participated.
The Aravali Biodiversity Park is situated near Vasant Vihar and is being developed at 693 acres of land that was over mined and completely infected with Prosopis Juliflora (Vilayati kikar) and has lost indigenous biodiversity. The major portion of the park is rocky and devoid of soil and vegetation cover. With its different habitat types and ecosystems having many rare and endangered flora and fauna, the park serves as a live museum and laboratory for promoting environmental education.
When the children and teachers arrived at the campsite, the research team welcomed them and allotted 7 tents to be shared among all. In the first nature trail the children were taken to a Herbal Garden and shown various species of medicinal plants and told about their uses. Then they visited the Butterfly Conservatory where they learnt about the lifecycle of a butterfly and observed its various stages. The children also visited Orchidarium and studied about the plantation of orchids. Few students were selected for a video recording on Earth Hour. In the afternoon the children enjoyed clay modeling. In the evening, the children went for bird watching and saw around 40 birds and identified their nature calls. A movie on the beauty of Aravali Biodiversity Park was shown once the children returned to the campsite. They also enjoyed dinner around a campfire.
Next day, early morning children went to their last nature trail to enjoy the fresh air and see a variety of flora and fauna. Many nature education activities like quiz, debate and thumb printing were enjoyed by the children.   

 It was a great source of motivation for the students to attend the camp and study about the degradation and revival of a degraded ecosystem. They were sensitized towards nature appreciation and conservation. The nature walk through the park has encouraged qualities of leadership, exploration and nature observation among the students. 
Vasantotsav at Ahlcon

 Celebrating Vasant – spring and invocation to Goddess Saraswati- symbolizing knowledge and empowerment has been the regular feature in the calendar of Ahlcon International School since 2002.

This year too it was celebrated with enthusiasm and vibrancyon Feb 4th . The two day musical extravaganza was inaugurated by His Excellency John Aquilina UOM, the High Commissioner of Malta, Shri B.P. Singh, former Governor of Sikkim and other dignitaries. The highlight of the programme was a performance by the school staff and a Bharatnatyam performance by Ms. Marie Elangovan a renowned exponent. She enthralled the audience with her graceful, tender and sculpture- like poses. Over 500 students from 20 schools participated in classical music and dance competitions performances. 

The Chief Guest, the High Commissioner of Malta exhorted the students to respect their parents and teachers for the sacrifices they make. He paid tribute to his own teachers for shaping him and his personality.

The former Governor, author and civil servant Shri B P Singh in his address impressed upon the students to practice discipline and order in their lives.

Ahlcon International celebrates internationalism in all its endeavors. This is the reason that inspired the school to register for the prestigious International School Award an accreditation scheme initiated by the British Council which recognizes and celebrates exemplary practices of internationalism in schools. ISA provides a framework for schools to develop an action plan and implement international activities throughout the year, and encourages schools to collaborate with overseas schools to create a rich learning experience for students through use of ICT, creative pedagogical practices and real context for learning.

The world of cartoons fascinates children of all ages. This ISA activity was designed to facilitate the  students of VI  and VII standard to know  more about their favorite cartoon characters .Often they are engrossed in the antics of these cartoons and no one seems to know about the artists and the creators of these famous virtual beings.
This project aimed at letting children explore the world of cartoons, research about their origins, and collaborate with the partner school Scargill Infant School in UK and try to find out the favorite cartoon characters of their counterparts in the partner school. They shared and exchanged hand drawn cartoons and compared them with those of their own country through poems, cards, paintings, finger puppets and book marks.
The thrill and excitement of being able to connect with children across the seas was quite an enchanting experience. Had it not been for the ISA activity, such a project would not have been undertaken which involved such a large group in such a varied way.

The cartoons sent by our students were welcomed and coloured by the Scargillians. The letters were fondly answered by them and the Ahlconites and the Scargillians set off on a spree of exchanging WISH KITES which had their pictures and wishes written on them. 

Arrival of the festival of Rakhi witnessed enthusiastic Ahlconites sending handmade Rakhis to them . During the VC we were able to show how to tie Rakhi and the students narrated stories about the festivals too. Though this was not the part of the action plan but both teachers, Ms.Sunita Rajiv from AIS and Ms. Judy Munford from Scargill Infant School were more than delighted to encourage the children for better understanding of Cultural  diversity.
Ms. Judy ,during the VC ,showed us how the students were learning to churn out butter  in the traditional manner as it was their Historical week.Ahlconites could easily connect it to the ‘dahi bilona’ or churning of butter from buttermilk.Lots of learning experiences were sprinkled throughout our year long journey.
Ms. Judy’s students were  from Nursery and Prep. We proceeded to bring  the tiny tots from Prep also into the mainstream. They received the beautiful cards made by their counterparts in Scargill. They made small cards  to be flown to UK.Finger puppets were another attraction and  AHLCONITES had made them with great love and care.
Behind the scenes enabled the Ahlconites to research and find facts anbout the creators of Tintin [Germany], Tom and Jerry [America], Flintstones[UK], Dennis the Menace[USA], Shin Chan [Japan]Asterix and Obelix[UK]The display boards proudly displayed the facts about the Cartoonists, their lives, inspiration and works to the entire school. It was a unique learning experience.
The Fancy DRESS Show showcased the same findings in a very interesting way. The Four houses had to send entries where each team  comprised of two cartoon characters along with their creator , in a dramatic presentation. The  following links are a testimony to the memorable show.


“The study of mathematics, like the Nile, begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence”.

Our school, Ahlcon International was able to prove the validity of the above statement by conducting an interschool event MATHEMAGICA Mathemagicians: Our Mathematicians, showcasing the lives and contributions of famous mathematicians around the globe including Rene De Carte`s, Leonard Euler, Aryabhatta, Ramanujan and Peirre. Through these dramatizations, students were able to get the practical experience of the lives of these mathematicians which left a lasting impression on their minds.
Six schools including ours, took part in the event and presented the lives of these mathematicians so creatively that everyone in the audience was mesmerised and surely would have decided not to fear the subject at all.
Beautiful trophies were given to the schools which secured 1st and 2nd positions and rest of the schools were given participation certificates.
The whole experience of the event helped everyone cross new frontiers in the field of Mathematics.


AIS firmly believes in nurturing the students for their holistic development and providing a platform where the students get inspiration from the lives of legendary  personalities which  helps to kindle the flame of desire for success. Two budding  orators of AIS participated in one such event where  Swami Vivekanand’s speeches were delivered .It was organized by Vivekanand School . The talented  speakers of around 17 schools put their best foot forward and Puneet and Sara of AIS  banged the Award of Excellence in junior as well as senior categories .
Another feather in the cap was added when Annual Vivekanand  Quiz Competition was organized by Rama Krishna Mission , here 60000 students from different schools of  Delhi and NCR took part .
Three students of AIS, Ritika Agarwal of class VIII - D, Paridhi Puri of class VII- D and Puneet of class VII- F made their mark by reaching the last round. Puneet again brought laurels by getting 3rd position in this competition.

Annual Exhibition

Highlighting the innovation of students through a research initiative, Ahlcon International School held the annual exhibition “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina” from 26th Dec’ 13 to 28th Dec’ 2013. The exhibition helped inculcating in students the spirit of exploring beyond the boundaries of classroom education. Sh. Bikramjeet Ahluwalia, President said, ”The event intends to be the stepping stone for the young brains and to showcase their talent.” The chief guests, Justice S. k. katriar ( Retd) Patna High Court, Shri Amod k. kanth ,  IPS( Retd) former DGP and Chairman DCPCR, Shri Ashok Sajjanhar, IFS(Retd) secretary National Foundation for communal Harmony, MHA and Dr. Sonal Mansingh Padma Vibhushan  were astonishingly captivated by the work done by the students. Dr. Rohini Ahluwalia, Chairperson, was truly overwhelmed to witness the innovative themes and outstanding novelty of thought. The exhibition revolved around three basic themes namely India’s collaboration and contribution, Celebrating 100 years of India’s development, Health, Nutrition and wellbeing. All the three refrains of the event were inexplicably executed and projected. Mr. Ashok K. Pandey, Principal, was delighted and felt proud to see the extraordinary talent of students. He allocated the success of the exhibition to the conscientious effort of the students and teachers who had been working day and night for the success of the event. 


Mr. Ashok K Pandey, Principal of Ahlcon International School, received National Award to Teachers for the year 2012” at the hands of the Hon’ble President of India on 5th September, 2013 at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi. The award instituted in 1958 is given every year on Teachers’ Day to honor the teaching community. This year 336 teachers/ Principals from all over the country received the award.

BOOK WEEK - 2013

Ahlcon International School organizes Book Week every year and the library becomes the centre of special attraction. Students engage themselves in myriad endeavours like poetry illustration competition , Book craft competition , Cartoon Making workshop etc.

The school organized its fifth Book week from 22nd to 24th August 2013. Mr.Nimish Dubey, a renowned author alongwith the Principal Mr. Ashok Kumar Pandey inaugurated Book Week by lighting the lamp and also inaugurated Book Fair in the school. A beautiful Song with lyrics emphasizing on the importance of books was presented by the students. Mr. Dubey interacted with the students and focussed on the importance of books in one’s life. He also suggested some of the  titles  which children should read.

Students of Fine Arts attended a workshop on ‘Cartoon Making’ conducted by famous cartoonist Mr.Ajit Narayan. Students participated in various activities like Poetry illustration competition , Book Craft competition etc.

School celebrated its Book Week’s valedictory function on 23rd August. It encompassed various activities related to books, reading habits and its beneficial impact through a plethora of activities like a play on library etiquettes, Book reviews, PPT on importance of Periodicals by Librarian Mrs.Kumud Kapoor etc.

 The chief guest Ms Dianne Millar, Regional English Language Officer, American Centre distributed Prizes to voracious readers students and teachers. Mrs. Prem Dhingra, consultant library  proposed a vote of thanks to all the departments for their  contribution. Mrs. Sangita Maliwal, Incharge Sr. school and Mrs.Anju Gupta, Incharge middle school congratulated voracious readers among teachers and students.